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Misty Ridge ranch is situated in the Majestic Skagit Valley near Mount Vernon, Washington. The 38 acre ranch had everything, a gorgeous view of the tulip field, huge arena barn, well equipped facility, and of course wonderful alpacas.

Here, our herd and guests get an excellent level of care. Just one walk through Misty Ridge ranch and you will see the healthiest and happiest environment that host over 400 alpacas.


Misty Ridge uses a 20,000 square foot indoor arena to provide shelter for a large number of animals. This allows us to have indoor birthing in the winter and protection from the sun in the summer. We host events and training as well which allow breeders to handle and work with animals protected from the elements.


Nutrition is a huge part of animal husbandry as well as cleanliness. We keep low stocking rates on our pastures and manage the forage for nutritional value. This helps us know what kind of protein and supplements our animals need to be healthy. Good pasture management leads to healthy animals and happy alpacas.


Our shelters are specially designed to provide shelter from the wind and rain for the animals in the fields. They are kept very clean and provide a place for the animals to rest away from the elements.


Our run system is set up to provide a passage for the animals from the field to a feedlot. This allows the herd person to look at the animal movement and eating habits. By watching them move in to eat you can tell a lot about which animals are ill, injured or uncomfortable. The runs are large enough to provide and extra pasture if needed while moving animals around. They have been designed to be large enough for a truck and trailer to drive through as well.

Stud Row

This is a row of 10 pens we have to keep our studs ready for breeding. The stud pens are all in one location so females can be sorted for breeding easily. Each pen is designed to be small enough for one animal but large enough to accommodate a few breeding females.

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