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Our Services

Misty Ridge knows the alpaca industry and its needs. We offer our services to help you succeed in the alpaca business.

Our 38 acre facility offers professional management, cleanliness, and safety. This insures a healthy environment for animals and people alike. Clients also have the added advantage of easy interstate access and flexible terms for purchases. Just give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

Alpaca Sales
Misty Ridge understands that purchasing an alpaca needs special attention. There is a lot to learn--we will work with you because your success is our success. If you would like any printed information about the alpaca industry or our services; please use our CONTACT US form or call (360) 424-0501.
  • Finance terms available
  • 1 year same as cash
  • Prime plus (1) for up to 24 months
  • Up to 3 months free agisting from time of purchase--breeding stock only
  • 72 hour live birth guarantee
  • Reproduction guarantee for stud quality males
  • Fertility guarantee for maidens
  • Package Deals available
  • Customer support before, during and after sale

Breeding Programs
Misty Ridge recognizes the importance of a high breeding standard. Our breeding program is based on quality genetics. We are committed to excellence and continue to add winning bloodlines to our herd from across the country.
  • Superior genetics
  • Excellent pedigrees
  • Quality colored animals
  • Champion bloodlines
  • Free boarding for females and any cria up to 3 months or positive ultrasound
  • Ultrasounds
  • Detailed breeding and health record
  • Live birth guarantee (if dam loses the pregnancy, or if the cria does not survive the first three days after birth, we will re-breed for FREE)
  • Multiple breeding discounts
  • Finance terms
Requirements for incoming females:
  • Health Certificate
  • Copy of ARI
  • Fecal Exams
  • BVD Exams
We have a wonderful facilities equipped for taking care of your alpaca's health, birthing and breeding. Your alpacas are in good hands. (Agisting is fairly common for people who are involved in alpacas and do not have their farm set up yet or would like to have someone else take care of their animals.)
  • $3.00 per day*
  • Herd manager on site
  • Personalized attention
  • Health care services: vaccinations, toe nails trimmed, healthy weight maintained
  • Monthly health reports provided by e-mail or fax
  • Birthing**
*Other charges may apply for any special requirements
** Birthing fee $300.00

Drive-by Breeding Discounts
Drive-by breeding refers to when the customer brings their females to our ranch to be bred, then takes them home the same day. We offer an immediate discount of $500 off any breeding. Females should be tested for refusal prior to visiting. Ask us about scheduling a drive-by breeding. Contracted breedings excluded.

Drive-by Requirements:
  • Fecal Exams
  • BVD Exams

Stud Leasing
Stud leasing for specific males are available. Ask us about stud leasing programs to get new blood into your herd.

We offer a range of terms and conditions for financing. Often breeders need time to organize their finances. When you purchase your alpacas from Misty Ridge, you have our commitment to provide continued support. Contact us to discuss how we might accommodate you.
  • 1 year same as cash
  • No interest on contracts of less than 1 year
  • Financing for up to 2 years with 1/3 down
  • Prime plus (1) for up to 24 months
All alpacas purchased on contract must be insured for full mortality with Misty Ridge named as loss-payee so long as there is any unpaid balance.

We have alpaca consulting with years of experience to help you. The first and most important question is, "Are alpacas right for you?" When you decide to purchase, we can help you outline your goals for a successful experience. Contact us or schedule a visit to our ranch for a free consultation.
  • Breeding programs
  • Farm set up
    • Planning
    • Development
    • Management
  • Financing terms & conditions
  • Husbandry and nutrition
  • Alpaca health and cria care
  • Show ring advice: showing, evaluating animals
  • Fiber and animal assessment
  • Buying, selling & marketing

Customer Support
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are here for our customers from answering questions to bringing in-depth training and advice from industry professionals. We continue to grow and learn and as we do we are happy to pass that expertise on to our customers. We are committed to do our best for you.

Seminars & Workshops
Misty Ridge hosts educational alpaca seminars throughout the year. We offer the opportunity to learn about this wonderful lifestyle and business. Our seminars & workshops offer a variety of topics, including: tax benefits, neo-natal, nutrition, herd health, showmanship, and marketing for beginners and advanced breeders. We have quarterly events where nationally recognized lectures come and instruct for more intense learning. Check our website for upcoming events.

Shearing is offered during our Shear Fest on the 2nd weekend of June. Shearers and expenses will vary. Come watch a demonstration or get your animals shorn. Check our calendar of events for upcoming events.

Ranch Tours
See our special events calendar!

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